Oh god no. He'd better not pick the Maltak library. It'll take a thousand pages just to get there!

But seriously, this might be the first page that is actually good. First, Snout is advancing the story of his own initiative rather than waiting to stumble upon the plot by happenstance. Second, the next plot point is, for once, not within walking distance of his home. Third, by leaving home, Snout may actually face real danger now (and if we're lucky, his deafness will now actually be a real disability rather than a lazy gimmick). And finally, the punchline at the end is actually funny. It's, admittedly, not particularly clever, and I've probably seen it about half a dozen times already, but it still got a smirk out of me.

Overall, I liked this page. Now, to wait for Mookie to f*** it all up on Monday.