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    Ok had a DM Pow-Wow, and am going to be testing the following.

    Charm Person
    ok. First, Too many spells hit Wisdom for Saves. Going with Charisma, for this.

    if the person that casts the spell is not observed doing so, there is no Automatic "Spell cast Known" when it wears off - and possible hostile reaction on a successful Save.

    It was actually suggested that the target doesn't get a save, until they are asked to do something.

    Reasonable Request = normal Save.

    Unreasonable request (against their Nature or Job) = Advantage to Save.

    Very Reasonable Request (something they like doing anyway) = Disadvantage to Save.

    Now, even with a Failed Save, the target gets a New Save each time they are asked to do something.

    The thing is, that if the target was asked to do something unusual, they will realize this when they make their Save, or when the Spell wears off..... and Consequences will ensue!!
    Quicken Spell. 2 Sorcery points to do as normal.
    To change a spell from an Action to a bonus Action and still retain full Spell access with an Action, pay one extra point per Spell Level.

    Now, this does mean that the 5th level Sorcerer can cast Fireball twice in the same round.
    But, they spent two 3rd level Slots and all their Sorcery Points doing that.
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