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Supposed you have a sealed black box filled with lego. You want to know what will happen if you drop the box, throw it around, et cetra.

Does it matter what color the lego are? If they form a polka dot pattern? All that matters for you questions is that you have a block of a certain size, weight, and surface material.

Likewise we can never see inside the event horizon so it's generally best to just regarding the blackhole as an object the size and shape of the event horizon, with a given mass and angular momentum.

We could work out the velocity, rapidity, rest mass, and potential energy of the singularity, but 1) that's not gong to help us predict what will happen outside the black hole 2) A lot of these numbers of very screwy and possibly wrong.
If the radius of the singularity was large enough, there could be a hole through the middle of the event horizon (there seems to be a theory that that can't happen), and that would certainly have implications for space outside the event horizon.