Minor edits to the backstory to be more in line with journalism.

Camael, Mercurian of Redemption.

Corporeal Forces: 2 (Strength 4 & Agility 4)
Ethereal Forces: 2 (Intelligence 4 & Precision 4)
Celestial Forces: 5 (Will 12 & Perception 8)


Fast Talk: 6


Mercurian of Redemption choir attunement, free.
Brand of Redemption servitor attunement, Cost: 10.


Carol Sinclaire, Journalism Internship Student. Role level 6, Status 2. Cost: 6

Vessel: Level 1 vessel, Body Hits: 12, Charisma: 2. Cost: 7.

Spoiler: Carol Sinclaire
Carol is an out of state student that transferred to the community college. The college offers a unique journalism degree that grants half of her academic credits through working directly for a local news agency. All to become a community journalist. Her extracurricular activity at her previous college included writing uplifting articles for the student union newspaper. Between good grades at her previous college, a photogenic nature, and the ability to persuade, a future in journalism seems certain.


Song of Motion, Celestial: 6
Song of Ecstacy, Celestial: 1

Spoiler: Interview

1) State your names, your Choir, and your Superior.

“I understand the reception – judgement rarely invites redemption. Name's Camael. I sing among the choir most humble,” she flapped her wings. “That my rise is all the finer. It's my great joy to serve Metanoia. But I was told I'd get a briefing first – not an interview? In case the two are linked, I'd love to help turn the Fire or Lust Tethers to sense. Those sound like perfect opportunities for redemption. Just keep me clear of Fate, alright? I'd rather not rumble with folks that specialise in bring out the worst in you. Really, all Redeemed should probably avoid.”

2) How old are you and what is your first memory after your creation?

“Nine Earth years? My first memory was walking down this almost gallery of hearts, deep inside this stone building. I was being shown all these different types before eventually getting lead to my own. Then it was explained why I was made, when so many others weren't.”

3) What is your fondest memory?

“Well, when I was first getting used to my wings, the Relievers had this ongoing contest, right? To see who could glide the farthest. We kept going from higher and higher points of Metanoia's Cathedral, to the farthest point you could go beyond the walls. Winner gets essence. I know, because I'd been giving it away for the past week. And don't let anyone claim Relievers are beyond conning newly minted angels out of mana! Bunch of essence-stealing honeybees if you ask me.

“Anyway! So I do this running leap, and launch eagle high. Wings sharp, arms close, eyes open, I'm soaring further and faster than ever before. Before I've even landed, I know I've arrived. No way are those little lint-bodies winning this time! Except, then I look down. And realize just how fast I'm going. And tense up. And suddenly, I'm losing altitude. When I look up again, I realize I'm about to get really intimate with a stone wall. And now, I'm somewhere between too scared to do anything, and too stubborn to flap my wings, because then I lose. Again.

“So as I'm about to hit this wall this huge gust of wind hits me instead – from below. I'm told I made a sound like a goat getting shot out of a canon. Anyway, so this gust of wind hits me, right? And I get thrown end over end until I finally land on my back on some nearby roof, hard. Before I know it, this Reliever was on top of me, panicking that she was oh so sorry. That she should never have agreed to it. So eventually, I realize not only had Elyse saved me – but on every other flight I had done, she gave me a little boost. Just enough to make me want to climb a little higher. Fly a little farther. The whole time the Relievers weren't trying to rob me. They were encouraging me.

“The essence they took was just honey on top.”

4) What is it about your Superior and their Word that appeals to you so much?

“The Humans have a saying. Faith is the thing hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. So what use is Judgement if it ends in recidivism? Why hope for War if it endlessly leads to hate? What purpose in Stone when we never move forward? Metanoia doesn't appeal to just me. Redemption is everything everyone in Heaven has ever hoped for, and the evidence of a prayer fully seen.”

5) What is your view on Discordant and overly Dissonant Angels?

“Bread loves butter. If I can't help them, then I should be able to put them in contact with someone that can.”

6) If a friend of yours became an Outcast, would you turn them in?

“If I turned in that Outcast, would I really be their friend?”

7) What are the top three things you appreciate about the Corporeal World?

“Institutions like Alcohols Anonymous, Everything Is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo, music – vanilla ice cream. Hey, I never said I'd stick to your rules.”

8) What are the three things you dislike the most about the Corporeal World?

“Vodka, rocky road ice cream, break ups. Don't look at me like that.”

9) Tell me three moments of your life that defined who you are today?

“Moments – not memories? Uh. Getting drunk with an alcoholic so I could empathise with why it had a hold on him, and then throwing up on him. Getting fired from an ice cream parlour after giving a tub of Rocky Road away to the homeless. Dumping a lover because I was too selfish to love as deeply as they deserved. You know, being human has a really high learning curve.”

10) If you had to listen to one mortal song on repeat for a whole day, which would it be? And what style of music do you like the most out of all the human genre’s?

“Easy! Toby Mac – Forgiveness. Because we all make mistakes sometime. I love a little Gospel, a little Conscious music, a little R&B. There's great songs and artists sprinkled everywhere. Eli be praised?”

11) Tell me two moments of your life you regret. One during your time in the Celestial Realm, and one during your time in the Corporeal World.

“The Celestial Realm, you'll know, has Cathedrals. More that most realize. Maybe more than most know. A lot of them are empty, too. You're told not to go into them. Any of them. But I,” Camael shifted uncomfortably. “Um. Well. I was just newly made, and was looking for the exact Cathedral I'd take over. When I become an Archangel.” She shrugged, chagrined. “Only Yves really knows our true destiny, right? So you may as well aim high. Anyway, found it! Or, at least, I thought I did. The Cathedral that would be mine. So – I went inside. Mistake. There was this ocean of sadness inside, a screaming silence. Like the collective despair and grief of every orphaned soul that had ever been abandoned and would never be adopted. It was...horrible. I was crying, but I don't know exactly why. Paralysed, for all the thick energy. I blacked out soon after. Turns out, Elyse saved me.”

Camael shook her head, head bowed. “Obviously, I should never have done that. And I never will, ever again. Now, I just walk around them.” She brightened then, head rising. “But at least I've narrowed down my choices. There's three or so Cathedrals I like the look of. Three, just in case one gets snatched up before I fully work my way up. And I promise you, just like I did Metanoia: I'll fill it. With every kind of good and loving soul you can imagine. Single-handedly, if I have to.”

B) And during your time in the Corporeal World.

“Throwing up on an alcoholic isn't regretful enough for you? Okay. On the Corporeal World, I – no, my vessel, she used to work for the Crisis Intervention Team. We got called out to a woman threatening to jump off a ten story. Things were going well. Until they weren't.” Her face turned sour. “After that, I – I felt like a worthier soul should be given a chance on the CIT team. So I took a step down. Now my vessel is on the road to journalism! Still plenty of opportunities to help humanity move forward. Just nothing as intense as CIT. At least, not as frequently.”

12) How do you feel about God’s abandonment of Heaven and the Angels?

“Why complain about a tropical sunset when others are struggling in the Antarctic? We had direct experience with the Utmost Divine. Knowledge of the All, instead of blind faith. Humanity doesn't have that. So, if anything, I feel honoured. We've been entrusted with the Earth. With setting things right. In a way, that why Redeemers are. It's our air. And I intend to breathe deep.”