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    Before Trill can answer, possibly because she is too busy taking in what she sees, Oran replies to Zo.

    "Yes, you remember correctly. Come and sit!"

    Trill takes a breath, looks at Zo, and then walks in front of Oran and sits down crosslegged, placing herself to give him room. She looks back and forth between Oran and Zo.

    "Simlay... my name is Simlay. 'Trill' is an alias that I took for reasons that... I'm sure you now understand." Her breathing is labored as she says this, as if a part of her past has been brought from a place long-buried, but at the same time, there at the surface all along. She looks into Oran's eyes, and then back at Zo. "Everything I know, I know from fables, fables that Oran told me. I suppose..." she says at last, "we are here to hear another fable... or to take part in our own."

    Oran smiles and nods sagely. "Perceptive, you are. Perhaps it is time to tell the tale of two orphaned younglings meeting, one awaiting a sign, the other on a quest. What will each find, and what will they become?"

    Trill - Simlay - places her hand on her chest and closes her eyes.
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