Rem doesn't interject in Starislav's response, nor in the Golden Lord's own opinion. Though the Golden Lord seems to have mistaken her for his teacher (in a sense), it seems clear that she values his own opinion highly, as well as that of his own struggle with his inner beast; even a god who only sees one viewpoint risks tunneling into a vision that could corrode the world.

"... of your request," Rem answers, "I will pay those that have rendered us services thusly - I do not take my word lightly. But I otherwise agree. We will need useful tools and arms for the coming battles... but I will be clear that I view other goods such as books, quills, instruments and other such needs as important as any halberd or sword. I want my people learned and able to reason for themselves, after all."

But there was something that bothered her...

"Golden Lord, if I may," Rem speaks up. "As you know, I bear the visage of an angel. In my first days of achieving this state of apotheosis, I feared greatly. Had I become an emissary of hell, as was taught to me? All know that hell houses the angelic hosts, ever since the shattering."

She lowers her head.

"To hear you speak of hell as a place to redeem mortals... has my understanding of our history been wrong?"