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Thread: Hunters of the World Scar OOC

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    Simric was going to ask about maps as well, but since Artemisia already has, he will just observe, taking note of any water sources near where the ship is thought to have crashed.

    Also, I'm sorry if this was posted and I missed it, but I had a question about the Scar in general: is it magically hostile to all life (no plants or small animals, possibly all water is corrupted) or is it just packed to the brim with hungry undead (so trees, squirrels, etc. can still be found)?

    EDIT: So, I don't know that any of us have any tracking ability to find where any survivors of the crash went (assuming they were not taken to the fortress by nefarious forces). Should we maybe buy a dog to track via scent? I think at least Artemisia has Handle Animal.
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