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[Spooky VIGIL Encounters]

Wenomir frowns a little at Cora. She's not treating this situation as seriously as she should be.

"I'm sure those transformations can be removed. But Lapis was turned into a sheep while helping you and she's upset about it, so you should go and say thank you to her."
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[Spooky Encounters]

Lapis makes a rather pitiful snuffling noise as she shuffles toward Wenomir and the kids.

She's so round it's hard to walk!

This is terrible!
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[Spooky Encounters]

"Thanks Wenomir," Laela says after a minute, hurrying up and giving him a hug on the leg. She looks up at him with large, honest eyes. "...I'm sorry this happened. If it makes you feel better, you're a really pretty sword girl. She just made the rest of us look silly."

She leans around Wenomir and looks at Lapis. "Oh no!" She scurries over to do like Wenomir says. Maybe Lapis will feel a little better when she gets a tackle-hug too. "I'm sorry miss Lapis! We haven't met but I'm Laela. Me and my dad and my auntie will make sure you get back normal quick, okay?"
[Spooky VIGIL Encounters]

"Oh, uh." Cora looks at the very round sheep. "Sorry that happened. I hope someone can fix it right away." She offers.

Bastion decides that Laela has the right idea and goes over to join in the hug. Hugs are good!