Rem frowns just for a moment, as the Golden Lord's surprise comes genuinely; was her understanding of history truly more informed? That came as a surprise to her, but--

The roar catches her off-guard, for a moment. There is a quiet flinch from the Godbound, as she hears his anguish.

What did it mean? Her gaze casts off to where his monks peek out, and she gestures towards them in peace for a moment. But her mind is elsewhere. What did it mean, that the Golden Lord has this memory? What does it mean, for him to be more than a thousand years old? If it is truly divinity at work here... how does that differ from their own surfacing divinity?

... was this a fate that they were all condemned to, sooner or later?

She is relieved, however, that Starislav relents; she quietly responds, "We have greater tasks at present than to be at each other's throats. And I..." She looks to the Golden Lord. "Have much to still learn, at that. Of the world, of divinity... there is so much more that eludes my sight still."

The Golden Lord reassures her, fatiguedly, however: that she is no angel. She is more like fiction, of the human conception of kind guardians. Her expression softens. "... those are relieving words indeed, Golden Lord, and I will not forget them."

A pause.

"I have a small request in turn. I would like to visit your people, and do my work as a healer and aid them from any illness and grant succor. Would that be permissible?"