[It's Time to Duel!]

"Well, you struck me as a little reckless when we first met, and I was worried you might not have paid full attention to my instructions." Ithuriel states quite calmly, stopping as Anika moves in front of her and narrowing her eyes, one hand subconsciously shaking Blanche off when she tries to grab Ithuriel.

The calmness vanishes a moment later as her voice takes on a somewhat sharper tone and her wings flare out slightly, radiating a golden glow around her. "And now I can see that you absolutely are a short-tempered hot head who apparently likes to pick fights with people." She frowns and tilts her head, resting her chin on one hand thoughtfully. "What is it, do I intimidate you or something? Do you feel a need to push around anyone who doesn't look up to you like she does?" She asks, glancing at Blanche again. "Because I haven't done anything to remotely justify you losing your **** at me like this!"