The Golden Lord hesitates for a moment, weighing his choices on how to go forward. It's obvious that he is still boiling, though again it seems to be directed less at Starislav rather than the overall circumstances. Eventually, he crosses his arms, firmly making his case.

"In exchange for using your funds on more practical means, I will allow you to travel my camps and heal the injuries and illnesses of my people. However-" For a moment, he raises his head and glares down at you. "-I do not trust you enough yet to allow you entrance to our holy sanctum. Besides, my disciples there must learn to overcome their pain, and you would offer too convenient of a relief for my lessons be effective."

Spoiler: OOC
Rem could do this as a Village-Scale Plausible Change, costing a total of 1 Influence to keep up in her downtime. Luckily, she still has 2 points of influence left, I think.

According to my calculations, by the by, Starislav should also have 1 point of Influence left. Feel free to tell me if he wants to do anything with that.

In any case, you two should write down how much influence you've got committed on your sheets.

"If this should suit you, then there is another thing I must know. What will be the next steps of your plan? I have been biding my time so far, training my followers for the inevitable conflict with the corrupt regency, but we do not have the numbers to make a first strike quite yet."