The disenchanter: destroying your loot since 1978!

We're immediately greeted with a problem: disenchanters have 16 RHD. Magical beast hit dice aren't the worst in existence, but they better come with some very good features to be worth 80% of a build. Is this the case?

...sadly, not. The disenchanter has unimpressive stats (23-18 in physicals, 14 charisma, 10 wisdom, 5 intelligence), weak natural weapons (a 1d10 tail slam, two 1d8 hooves, and a no-damage tongue. The tongue can drain enchantments from magical gear, which gives the disenchanter some temporary hit points, but that is obviously not a wise move.

Always-on Detect Magic has some use, but is hardly impressive. The ability to disenchant magic weapons that hit you is arguably a negative: not only does it uncontrollably destroy useful items, it also incentivises foes to focus on your (presumably squishier) allies.

A bit of DR and some spell resistance fail to make up for the fact that this is a gimmicky and weak excuse for a party member, that in some battles even approaches the level of 'active liability'. Rust monsters were bad: this is worse. -0 LA.