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    I'm torn between using the gold Artemisia has to purchase a Riding Dog trained for Hunting, or two light horses.

    The dog or the two horses cost the same and have different upsides and downsides.

    On the dog:
    It would be able track using Scent, it would need a sample of the scent of those it's trying to find. Artemisia can manipulate it with Handle Animal, and it can potentially help out in a fight.

    If it happens to die, Artemisia may be able to animate it as a perfectly obedient necrocarnum zombie minion depending on how it dies, giving it two lives.

    On horses:
    Horses probably will die if tied up and left alone in the Scar while we're in the fortress ruins, but I think we could still get a lot of mileage (pun intended since we'd be traveling on them) out of having some.

    They'd still be useful just to get us to our destination while providing greater ability to outmaneuver undead in the Scar, meaning we keep more of our resources for who or whatever is in there. Plus, they'll help us evade if we're targeted by that powerful weapon.

    We don't have to worry about two of them dying because they're left alone in the Scar because Artemisia would kill and turn two of them into perfectly obedient necrocarnum zombie minions, if they're sufficiently in one piece, once we reach the fortress. We can bring them in as disposable minions. Their attacks are lackluster, but two large 19 hp mobile barricade with reasonable AC could be useful for battlefield control, cover, distraction, trap detection, or you name it. If they aren't destroyed, they'll still be effective mounts on our trip back.

    I'm open to thoughts and suggestions if anybody wants to chime in.
    Or if someone is willing to part with 35gp I can bring one dog and one horse.
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