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    An Elohim of Judgement stamping the law on a Tether of the Sword, a Kyriotate of Stone with wisecracking robins also befriending a potted plant, and an angel of War that has a set up that sounds like the start of a joke ('two Ofanims and a professor walk into a bar...'). Sal is so far the only normal person.

    @Jeen, do heavenly politics matter that much to individual angels? Just confirming we can mostly just ignore the politics if we want. For example, Redemption and Judgement are Hostile at the very top towards each other. But I'm guessing different angels on both sides vary wildly in personal opinions about the other "side".

    Also, I can't tell if the Seraph playing in the corner is Redemption or Revelation (or was that intentionally ambiguous)? You said how the info in the spoilers about angels and demons is a decade old. So I'm not clear if maybe the Seraph was Revelations in the past but became one of Redemption recently. Or if that was a typo?
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