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    I hope to post today, but I'm still recovering from some illness and a bit behind at work.
    UselessBob: I saw your question in PM and am working on an answer.
    Both done.

    Quote Originally Posted by JoyWonderLove View Post
    @Jeen, do heavenly politics matter that much to individual angels? Just confirming we can mostly just ignore the politics if we want. For example, Redemption and Judgement are Hostile at the very top towards each other. But I'm guessing different angels on both sides vary wildly in personal opinions about the other "side".
    Heavenly politics can largely be ignored for individual angels, as long as it doesn't go against your orders. For example, I think there'd be distrust between Redemption and Judgement if they were on a similar 'job', but neither would get in trouble for working together as long as they don't do something contrary to their Word.

    You could get in trouble for making the opposing Word's influence more powerful, though. Like Servitors of Judgement would probably get a stern talking to if they helped form a Tether of Redemption (or Creation), and likewise Servitors of Redemption would get in trouble for forming a Tether of Judgement. Or doing something in town that makes an opposed Archangel's angels basically 'in charge' of the city.

    From the core rulebook, the general rules are:
    If a Servitor of an Allied Archangel asks for help, you should help.
    If a Servitor of an Associated Archangel asks for help, you should help if you can, but it's reasonable to expect a favor.
    If a Servitor of a neutral Archangel asks for help, you should help if it's not inconvenient, but should expect a favor.
    If a Servitor of a hostile Archangel asks for help, it's probably best not to help, and maybe okay to sabotage them if the task is contrary to your Word or goals and they can't prove it was you. It is explicitly not okay to do something that gets their vessel killed or hurts Heaven's influence overall (or, if your Superior orders you to, it's not okay to get caught). You can help if it seems not contrary to your own Word or orders, but should try to get some leverage in exchange.

    This does lead to some oddities. For example, Michael is associated with Jordi but Jordi is hostile to Michael. So Michaelites are expected to help Servitors of Animals, but Jordi's angels are not expected to help Servitors of War. The Sword gets a rough angle in that they are expected to help just about everybody (I think everyone but Flowers or Redemption).

    In addition, for the sake of a fun game, PCs have some extra leniency towards working with opposed Words.

    Also, I can't tell if the Seraph playing in the corner is Redemption or Revelation (or was that intentionally ambiguous)? You said how the info in the spoilers about angels and demons is a decade old. So I'm not clear if maybe the Seraph was Revelations in the past but became one of Redemption recently. Or if that was a typo?
    A typo. He's Revelations (Superior is Litheroy). I fixed the typo.

    UselessBob asked me what Dominic considers heresy. Since I reckon most angels would know this (even if some probably have a view of him being harsher than he is), it'd be worth posting this publicly.
    I re-read the splatbook on Dominic and also asked some other players of In Nomine for their opinions.

    The following are heresy according to Dominic and, as such, can get you charged by a Triad to tried by the Seraphim Council
    -consorting, fraternizing, or working with demons. While some archangels are okay with this (e.g., Novalis, Metanoia) if it is a redemption attempt or if the demon is already Renegade, Judgement looks on it very harshly.*
    -indulgence in the seven deadly sins, especially if such can lead to dissonance or discord**
    -selfish behavior, especially if such can lead to dissonance or discord
    -open treachery towards Heaven (giving intel to demons, defecting, betraying an angel to cause its death)

    Some stuff is frowned upon but not heresy. It might lead to further investigation, but in and of itself isn't heretical
    -working with ethereals
    -using infernally-crafted artifacts for good purposes
    -making lots of Noise (can get you tried for 'criminal acts', but is not heretical)
    -flouting just human laws (Dominic supports the rule of law, and most of his Servitors do as well. It's not criminal to be a criminal, but undermining the legal system in a relatively-just society would get unwanted attention from Judgement. Dominic is okay with undermining corrupt or unjust systems)

    *There is some hypocrisy here in that it is widely rumored that Dominic works with Asmodeus. However, the truth is that they only do so when both Heaven and Hell are truly threatened. Like when the Demon Prince of Disease tried to, and almost did, wipe out humanity, and they worked together to destroy it.

    **what qualifies as 'indulgence' can vary from angel to angel.
    Also, there are exceptions if something is a Rite; a Dominican can't view a Servitor of Flowers harshly for dancing with mortals while that is a Rite of their Superior.
    Dominicans also tend to be harsher towards their own kind. Some Dominicans would view eating food or drinking, beyond what is needed to maintain a role, as a tendency to Gluttony, or just holding hands or smiling at someone as a tendency to Lust. They wouldn't hold a Servitor of another Archangel to such high standards, but Judgement polices its own. But other Dominicans take a more easy-going attitude; an experienced Seraph might just ask "Is what you're doing distracting you from your duties or potentially leading to dissonance? No? Okay--cool. Enjoy."

    EDIT: to clarify, probably most Dominicans on earth are okay with eating and drinking, even if not strictly needed. They do tend to be on the chaste end, unless one's role includes being married (probably rare). That 'policing them own' example above was an example of the harsher angels that was given in the splatbook that goes into detail on Dominic. I reckon most Dominicans are more in the middle (like, okay with you eating food, but probably think it's bad if you go to an all-you-can-eat buffet).
    So, for example, no problem with ordering a martini.
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