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I haven't been able to verify this for myself, but I've been told that if you use Find Familiar your Familiar is an IMP and Find Steed gives you a NIGHTMARE.

I'm all for the flavor but in my opinion, these changes violate the balance of things.

The cost of the Warlock's Chain pact is much more than a simple 1 lvl ritual and it should be. An Owl familiar is already very handy, but an IMP for the cost of an Owl is ridiculous and devalues the Pact of the Chain.

The Find Steed one is even more out of whack - a 2nd lvl spell that nets you a challenge rating 1/2, 19 hp Warhorse normally now nets you a challenge rating 3, 68 hp, FLYING horse that can also slip between the Ethereal and Material plane at will and more. This is just bonkers. Find Greater Steed tops out at challenge rating 2 steeds and is a lvl 4 spell.

Both of these can be exploited, and become broken. Ludic Savant's Paladin Valkyrie build just became BONKERS at 5th lvl.
The book lists all these changes as "Cosmetic Spell Modfications", and makes it clear that the alterations are purely for flavour, and up to the DMs discretion. If you cast Find Familiar in Avernus, then your DM might decide your familiar *looks* like an imp, but the stats shouldn't change.