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I would use DMs Guild instead of DriveThruRPG. They take a bigger cut, but (in my experience) you'll sell more of a 5e-specific product there. And perhaps more importantly, there's a huge selection of free art resources that you can use for a product published there.
Thank you!
What % more sales would you guess for DMG vs DTR?
I looked at DMG first, but it specified that the adventures had to be set in FR, Eberron, etc.... where the default setting for mine is "Mid 1400s-ish Europe but D&D magic and items exist," as it's heavily Castlevania in nature. I have a couple of paragraphs about adapting it to other settings, but if I make it default FR then I have to change a bunch of the safe areas that have crosses marked on the doors, the mithril crucifix, and a bunch of other items to line up with... I dunno, Lathander or something.