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As written, Lulu isn't a "lawful good stupid" character.

Some DMs probably overplay it, and there's a certain portion of the D&D fanbase that can't accept that not all NPCs and PCs are mindless murder machines. Like real life, there are people in the D&D world who are highly good, loyal, with a strong moral code.
The module, as I have seen, basically paints her to be absolutely stupid and lacking of any strategic thinking. She doesn't seem to have any sense of forethought at all. She has gotten herself kidnapped, fell into the River Styx, can't think clearly, and puts herself in the line of danger more than she needs to. I thought this was the DM being himself, it is not.

I did not mean to imply that she was lawful stupid in the sense of the comedic and stereotypical paladin sense, but more along the lines of just being a stupid, panicky animal that constantly throws a wrench in our plans.