Episode 7: Fire and Fury

Did I ever imply that Harrow's death was the most maddening possible central mystery? You will have to excuse me. I had not met Starskin yet.

Definitely a guy, now we've heard him talk. He makes James Earl Jones sound feminine.

But what is this guy's game? Why does he get to unfurl the opening credits? What's his connection to the mirror? I think I may have to find alternatives to the idea that the Dragon Queen is a fire-breather who was using the thing (I do so reluctantly: that definitely is a fire-breather who just learned the Dragon Prince was alive and went off to share the news), because what would that leave? He was imprisoned by the Dragon Royal Family centuries ago for some unspeakable evil, in a luxury two-room prison with a severe blind spot, access to alchemical materials, and a magic mirror he is perfectly capable of exploiting? Or maybe no blind spot and two magic mirrors? You know, as you do? But regardless of the scenario I am hard-pressed to account for his solitude excepting some sort of imprisonment. He can't be lying about it. It could not be clearer he wants access to a wider world than he currently inhabits. Maybe the best call was for the Dragon Royal Family to smash the mirror. Maybe that destruction would have Repercussions, so the best they could do was to keep an eye on it. But wherever I turn there are serious questions of how Starskin's living situation ever came to pass.

But a couple things are, at least, clearer.

1. Compared to this guy, Viren is only a dabbler, magically speaking. Let's go ahead and say he is Rumaris. That spoils perhaps the finest name you could give a palette-swapped Drizzt clone in Elder Scrolls, but on the other hand, if Starskin is Rumaris, Callum is most definitely going to be looking for details on the guy and that is a powerful plot thickener.

2. Unless, for the sheer sake of subversion, the show is going to go with something less completely awesome, Starskin is shaping up to be the Stormbringer to Viren's Elric. The Audrey II to his Seymour. The Xykon to his Redcloak. (If TVTropes doesn't have a name for this, please remedy that at once. I suggest "The Apprentice Hires The Master.") Whether he keeps his hold on Viren would depend, I guess, on the extent of their agreement about Xadia. Whether he becomes too powerful to care by that point is another dimension again.


-Soren might be dying. Or quadriplegic, in a situation where he was already supposed to be abandoned on the field, so let's go with "doomed" all around unless what's wrong with him is something easier to fix.
-Callum used dark magic and it was fine, seriously. Obviously the best choice there. But it will definitely complicate the poor red dragon's report. Like, those guys shot him down with a dark magic ballista bolt and those guys who apparently are friends with the Dragon Prince, who is apparently alive, saved him by dark magic, and they all seem to know each other. The whole thing being staged is not out of the question.
-On the other hand, in the likely bad case, you could say that Callum indirectly killed Soren.
-The dragon was... scouting, I guess. Being a mobile garrison. The whole thing where dragons can't talk to most bipeds is a serious diplomatic handicap, generally. I'm sure there's some subcategory of elves that's more fortunate, but humans other than Ezran... yeah, Ezran is going to be critical in the grand scheme.
-Ezran is still best kid. He is making foolish kid mistakes and he continues to be the best.
-Oh and it seems Anya followed up on that "regent" business. Good on her.

Much more on Starskin next week, I'm sure!