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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowblaze View Post
    That was... not why I thought you killed Grek. I assumed you were trying to convince us that there were counter-spies so we’d kill each other. This led, ironically enough, to our trying to nightkill Xihirli. I suppose it’s for the best that that didn’t work (for us, anyway) as we wouldn’t have got you lynched otherwise.

    Speaking of which, you were betrayed as well. What did Xihirli tell you she was? We were told she had some kind of random roll-a-die power (and got actions for that posted in the QT.)
    That... Was my fault as well. I realized that in the QT didn't say our roles. So I instantly assumed there was a counter spy because it felt like it made sense. So I instantly told everybody not to tell their role. Because I figured the counter spy would want me dead.

    I didn't even claim my role until I thought I found the Russian Coordinator AND Caerulea told us there were no Russians in our thread.
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