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Thread: Mafia/WW Red Atlantic Cruise

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowblaze View Post
    To clear up a couple of things myself: the spies were networked, Valmark lied about the Russians still winning when I was dead and the spies only wanted the opposing coordinator dead, not the entire faction.

    And I suppose we should thank Xihirli for giving us gac3 to lynch - even though she did betray us, we probably wouldn’t have got a full victory without her. Still doesn’t mean I forgive you (or will ever trust you again!)
    But, I didn't lie. We would've gotten a partial victory if you died, like the americans did.

    Now that I think about it, if all who voted for Xi died, shouldn't the russians have lost and JeenLeen won? All the russians voted for Xi.

    I'd like to point out that, at least for me, if Xihirli hadn't told us all her plan I wouldn't have suspected her.
    What WAS that about, Xi? Did you forget you shared with us AV's quicktopic? Or was it a convuluted way to try and explode us all?

    Xi basically made the russians kill the americans and killed herself making us win. She was a real russian until the end.

    Quote Originally Posted by gac3 View Post
    Okay. So my role was coordinator. I counted as having one less vote against me. So I assumed that would reflect in the end of day vote counts. (I was wrong.) So I voted for you because I was suspicious. Then when Caerulea forgot to count my vote, I was like, "wow that was easy. Okay guys, let's kill Grek. Done deal."

    Then I thought maybe I could approach you (the Russian Coordinator you) in a way that you would get me information on who the other Russians were. Then I could assume none of there were the madman because we still had to kill the madman after we killed the coordinator. So I made up a plausible role based on my own paranoia as a Coordinator.

    Then I learned my mistake and figured I still had to kill get you killed.
    Quote Originally Posted by gac3 View Post
    That... Was my fault as well. I realized that in the QT didn't say our roles. So I instantly assumed there was a counter spy because it felt like it made sense. So I instantly told everybody not to tell their role. Because I figured the counter spy would want me dead.
    That was almost a good plan- except it led us to try and kill an actual mole, so it was helpful, ironically.

    What I don't get is- why did you come out with all those lies that got you lynched? At least you could've been coherent with the role you told Grek, that wouldn't have made you THAT suspicious and would've allowed you to survive, possibly.

    By the way, we too thought we had Counter-spies from day 1. Like, the very first post in the QT. Caerulea told us that there was no AMERICAN mole- after getting prodded by my endless question they exasperated that there were no moles and they wouldn't lie through tricky wording.

    Had we listened to ourselves we could've closed this day 3, probably.

    The main point on why she did seem trust-worthy was that once she sold us her lie Caerulea actually told her fake night actions in our QT. Last night we got a correct scry from her on JeenLeen, somehow.

    I guess you CAN win as a single wolf if the Game Master helps you :p (and you don't tell to almost half of the remaining active people that you are the madwoman).

    And yes, same question of Elenna: why did Xi survive the night kill? Did you protect her?
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