I knew it was the whirlwind! Aha!!! Anyway new A Taste Of time.

A Taste Of: Wandersong

Video Length: 21:42

This A Taste Of is for the cute little game called Wandersong. You are a bard, and you've had a dream that the world is about to end! You'd rather not have that happen, so you set off on a grand adventure to save the world! This is a puzzle platformer game with the rather cool mechanic of being able o sing and dance (almost) whenever you please, and it's great. I spend much of this video just giggling my ass off because of how genuinely charming this game is.

To put it bluntly I broke down sobbing playing this game. If you play ANY game I recommend or show off during A Taste Of, have it be this one. That's basically all I have to say, the game kinda speaks- no, sings, for itself.


Anyway! You guys continue to impress (or at the very least surprise) me. The Zodi Game of 2019 is... Dishonoured! I will not be wasting time asking my patron's for who the favorite character is because it's Corvo and Emily. I'm not spending a week waiting for everyone to tell me that. So I'll commission the art soon and once that's done I'll share it with you all and we can... celebrate our mutual love of a fun video game I played.

Sometimes I think the things I do are weird.