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Thread: Mafia/WW Red Atlantic Cruise

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    Spoiler: Game Notes

    Spies (US and Russia):
    - Coordinator
    - - Leader of the spies/ counts as having one less vote in daytime voting totals
    - Tech Specialist
    - - Watcher. If a hacker and tech specialist target the same person, they both know.
    - Assasain
    - - Can attempt to kill one person per night
    - Bodyguard
    - - Medic

    Town (Wincon, madman dies):
    - Medic (standard power)
    - Hacker (Tech specialist)
    - Psychologist
    - Newlyweds / lovers
    - Cook: Voider
    - Sneak (can become untargetable at night. can't do this twice in a row)
    - Passenger/Vanilla (no power)
    - Homeopath (Fake doctor)

    - PRC agent: scry if they're leaer and win-con is kill both coordinators before they die (or survive)

    - In both spy qts
    - Has access to "Intercom" and can announce stuff anonymously once per day and once per night.
    - Has a nightkill
    - Wincon: eveyryone else dead

    Spy win conditions:
    - Partial victory if madman dies.
    - Total victory if enemy coordinator dies while their own coordinator survives.
    - Defeat if madman wins.

    My reflections on the game:

    I think I made it a little bit too complex, and I probably balanced it a little to much towards the madman. I don't think it went poorly, but the overwhelming consensus is that it was confusing. The twist (madman was in both spy groups) was perhaps not the most inventive. Also, I probably shouldn't have weird night kill systems in the future. Overall, it could have gone worse. I think I probably shouldn't have gone along with AV on the mayor thing, it kind of went further than I thought it would. For the record, the mayor had no powers, and was not intended to be an actual role.

    I'm a little disappointed in how many people went inactive, but I guess it was to be expected. The Americans kind of got screwed over by it.

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    Also, if you say that you might be lying, people say they don't trust you---the cat said they might be lying---but then they act as if what you said is true anyway.

    Edit: AV's game recruitment thread.
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