Well, that was fun. Occasionally baffling, but fun.

In retrospect, I should have thought more about why Xi's actions didn't start showing up in our thread untill I asked why they weren't there, instead of just dismissing it with 'lol I'm paranoid again'
Also in retrospect, Xihirli's claimed "Russian Roulette" role was a bit too out there compared with all the other roles which were mostly standard seers, baners, watchers, etc, but it's not like any of us noticed at the time.

Also, does anyone care if I post the Russian QT? (Or the other Russian QT without Xihirli in it?)

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Okay. So my role was coordinator. I counted as having one less vote against me. So I assumed that would reflect in the end of day vote counts. (I was wrong.) So I voted for you because I was suspicious. Then when Caerulea forgot to count my vote, I was like, "wow that was easy. Okay guys, let's kill Grek. Done deal."

Then I thought maybe I could approach you (the Russian Coordinator you) in a way that you would get me information on who the other Russians were. Then I could assume none of there were the madman because we still had to kill the madman after we killed the coordinator. So I made up a plausible role based on my own paranoia as a Coordinator.

Then I learned my mistake and figured I still had to kill get you killed.
Yeah, we totally thought that was a convoluted but clever plan to get us to think one of us was a counterspy and therefore get us to kill one of our own... ironically we did decide to kill Xihirli but failed due to priority.
Then we decided there probably weren't counterspies because
a) Caerulea said that there were no American spies, in a tone which made me think it was true. (Which I guess it was...)
b) I tried to post a 'secret' action in a PM that contradicted what I said in our QT, and Caerulea still posted the result in put QT. So I figured if we couldn't keep our actions secret, then there was probably no spy.
c) We thought maybe Basket couldn't kill Xihirli because we couldn't kill our own spies?
Then gac died and we were like "yep, an American plot all along, guess there are no moles"

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Xihirli had the power to announce once per day and once per night something anonymously. She didn't use it otherwise for some reason, but that was just trolling y'all.

- - - Updated - - -

I should explain how the night kills worked, because I think it was accidently the most unintuitive mechanic I came up with. There was as priority system each night: one faction got their kill. If it failed, or they didn't use it, then the other did. If both failed or they didn't use it, Xihirli's kill went off. The priority alternated between russian and american each night. (This is why Xihirli didn't die night 2).
Is the announcement thing also how Xi got her fake night action result posted in our QT last night?
Also, that priority thing explains a lot. (Basket, as our assassin, killed Caerulea because it was worth a try, and killed Erin to fish for the madman.) And I guess this means if we had tried to kill someone on the last night, Basket would still be alive... Not that it matters too much in the long run.