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    d6 Re: Mafia/WW Red Atlantic Cruise

    Quote Originally Posted by JeenLeen View Post
    So Xihirli was in both spy networks as if she were a member of both factions?
    I scried her Night 1 and tried to ally with her, but she didn't respond for a few rounds upon which she told me she knew Snowblaze was the coordinator. We got into a QuickTopic just in the last bit. I do feel we could have lasted a bit longer if she hadn't wolf-claimed -- probably coulda gotten someone else lynched this day -- but I guess enough suspicion was on her that she would have died soon enough.

    Also, to repeat a question someone asked: if everyone who tried to lynch Xihirli died in her retributive strikes, doesn't that mean I and the Americans fully win as (I think) all the Russians, including Snowblaze, voted for Xihirli?
    To be fair, had she only wolf-claimed I wouldn't have believed her. But she admitted her whole plan in a QT so it was natural at that point.

    DISCLAIMER: I'm assuming it was the whole plan, no proof.

    That said, I really enjoyed it! And it wasn't THAT confusing- maybe because having no previous experience I couldn't compare it to a "typical" game.

    I'd criticize the night kill mechanic, but if it hadn't been in play it would have ended on night 2 instead of day 5 and we wouldn't have gotten a total victory, so it worked heavily in our favor.
    Both because of the victory and because it was more fun since it lasted longer.
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