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Alas, those rolls won't get you anything.

Map for the bridge is up.

No real need to roll religion for the larger zombies.
The ones with pustles obviously ooze acid and will probably have some nasty acid attacks.
The ones with meat hooks obviously throw meat hooks.

The smaller zombies look like the 1-2 HD kind.
We've been informed that some of the enemies definitely have ranged attacks. If we engage via sniping, we'll still be in for a likely grueling battle.

I wouldn't be surprised if at least one of the meat hook zombies has a chain on its meat hook to try to drag a victim to it. If that happens that could be spectacularly bad for us.

It might be best to just move as a group and try to kill anything that gets close to us quickly, but I'm not sure what else we might be able to do as a group.