Question: is somebody else besides UselessBob's character a cop? I recall someone who used to be on emergency services but stepped down to more normal police work. But maybe that was a concept someone dropped for something else.

Kinda funny thing/note on resonances: I'm cool with y'all using your Resonance as much as you want. I might find it slightly annoying at times, but it's natural and I know that, as a player, I like to use my Resonance on almost everything (as Erulasto can attest.)
I'll also note that, if you ever play In Nomine in-person, Resonance can be tricky. I had a real-life game with a Malakite, and it was really tough to think up honorable/dishonorable things for NPCs, especially minor NPCs who didn't really have a backstory, and real tricky for folk who I wanted to give an honest answer but not accidentally give away "he's a demon".

Also, note that Resonances generally give info, in a sense, based on what you know. A Resonance won't necessarily reveal a demon, but if you read someone's sense of honor and they find it honorable to steal and dishonorable that they respected someone's privacy, you might have a Servitor of Theft in front of you. Likewise Mecurian senses might talk about their "boss" when it means Superior if you don't know what they are, whereas it's be more clear if you already know they're a demon. I'm not trying to mislead or cheat you out of information, but that seems in line with the rules (and fun of info-gathering), especially as it notes that Seraphic resonances are dependent in part on what someone knows. Namely, you can't, even with a check digit of 6 (find the absolute Truth, regardless if they know it), ask some random person on the street, "Where is the demon of Fate named Baraghur?" and get the Truth. But if you were interrogating a demon that knew Baraghur and they said "he hangs out at 123 Normal Street", and that's actually a trapped dummy house and the demon lives down the street, you'd get the Truth.

Resonances also tend to fail the closer they get to the machinations of Superiors. For example, Michael and Dominic can't use their Resonance on each other, nor could a Seraph discern Dominic's real designs by asking a Servitor of Judgement what orders and goals Dominic has for him. (The Seraph would get what the Servitor was told or guessed are his goals, but he wouldn't get any Machiavellian plotting Dominic has going on behind-the-scenes.)