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    Fire Dancer

    Entry Requirements
    Perform (Dance) 6 Ranks
    Feats: Weapon and Torch

    Hit Die: d6

    Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
    1st +0 +0 +2 +0 Flame Dance
    2nd +1 +0 +3 +0 Heat Haze
    3rd +2 +1 +3 +1 Blazing Steps
    Class Skills: Balance, Bluff, Craft, Jump, Perform, Sleight of Hand, Tumble. 4 + Int Modifier Skill Points.

    Wpn/Arm Prof: The fire dancer does not gain any new weapon or armor proficiencies.

    Flame Dance (Ex): The primary ability of the fire dancer is their use of an open flame to hide their movements and disorient foes. While wielding a torch or similar source of light, the fire dancer gains a +1 dodge bonus to their AC for every 4 ranks in Perform (Dance) they possess, may add their Cha Bonus (if any) to attack rolls made with the a torch or similar source of light, and increase damage from such attacks by their class level + their Cha Bonus (if any).

    Heat Haze (Ex): Any time a 2nd level or higher fire dancer is attacked, they may use an immediate action to make an attack with a torch or similar source of light as if they were using Weapon and Torch. This attack resolves before the attack roll is made. If the attack misses, the attacker is set on fire.

    Additionally, the fire dancer gains fire resistance 5.

    Blazing Steps (Ex): A fire dancer that moves at least 10ft in a round increases any fire damage they deal by 1d6 and adds one additional round to the dazzled effect inflicted by Weapon and Torch for every 10ft moved in that round. This may be applied to similar sources of damage as long as they would qualify for Weapon and Torch.

    Additionally, the fire dancer increases their fire resistance to 10.
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