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But we do have a reason: it's ridiculous to think that destroying one system will LITERALLY destroy the entire government and the entire fleet, and unless the Republic was only in that system it also clearly didn't literally destroy the Republic. So we would reasonably assume that he means destroying it as an effective opponent, and there's also no reason to think from his speech that the first shot is the one that will do that rather than repeated shots -- which they were clearly planning for -- which is more reasonable. So the context and common sense works against it being taken as literal, which is why it suddenly being the case in TLJ is jarring.
How were they clearly planning for multiple shots? There a hyperdrive on that planet so they could get to another sun? I assume the original system had binary suns, which got them the initial shot and the attempt at the next. Unless they can move the planet to a different star system, they shot their wad there.