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How were they clearly planning for multiple shots? There a hyperdrive on that planet so they could get to another sun? I assume the original system had binary suns, which got them the initial shot and the attempt at the next. Unless they can move the planet to a different star system, they shot their wad there.
So they built it deliberately in a binary star system to get off two shots? One of which they didn't need because TLJ shows that hours after it was destroyed they were able to wipe out the fleeing Resistance anyway?

From what I recall you're right about most of the science, but we'd then have to trust that Abrams cared enough about that to have it make sense. Anyway, all of those resources and time spent on a two-shot device wouldn't make them any more credible as villains. Logically, it should have been one -- they planned to take out the Republic -- or more than two.