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The Last Jedi is ****ing awful. Itís the worst film Iíve seen this year, worse than any film I saw last year, the worst Star Wars film Iíve ever seen, and one of the worst films I can remember. The two and a half hours I spent watching it today felt like seven.

E. Itís an awful movie, I hated watching it, and it may have singlehandedly killed my enthusiasm for Star Wars in general.
Don't hold back; tell us how you REALLY feel [grin].

I liked TLJ slightly better than TFA, although I didn't care for TLJ all that much either. The more I thought about TFA, the stupider it was, and I didn't think it was smart while watching it. TLJ's big advantage -- and disadvantage -- is that it's so ambiguous that if you don't like a message you can pretty much ignore it because there's usually plenty of evidence for another interpretation that you might have liked better. But it is indeed a plodding adventure. I'm just not convinced that TFA is less plodding.

That being said, TLJ did kill my interest in at least the Disney Star Wars. I generally bought anything Star Wars, but now I'm not sure if I'll ever watch TRoS and have no interest in any of the new EU works in the ST timeline. The only other movie I skipped in Star Wars was Solo.

So I'm not one of the ones who hates TLJ or who hates the people who hate TLJ, but even then it killed my enthusiasm for Star Wars.