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    Quote Originally Posted by Saph View Post
    I can see how why some Star Wars fans hated TLJ so much. Right now I hate TLJ, hate the Sequel Trilogy as a whole, and hate Rian Johnson in particular. I even kind of hate the people who liked TLJ, even though I know thatís completely irrational, just because Iíve had to watch all the stuff I loved as a kid set on fire and some people are apparently happy about this.

    E. Itís an awful movie, I hated watching it, and it may have singlehandedly killed my enthusiasm for Star Wars in general.
    My sentiments exactly. Once again, Palpatine said it best.

    TLJ soured me so much on the franchise that Solo was the first Star Wars movie I didn't see in theater. (TROS remains the second) And Solo wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. Almost as good as Rogue One, I'd say. I'm not sure how I'd rate it if I watched it immediately after TLJ though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    No slight to Solo, but TM is far and away the best Star Wars Disney has put out to date).
    I probably should get around to watching this at some point.
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