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This does look like a three-way tie, yes. I, for one, am happy to get rid of all these cards.

Except maybe for Karakas. I feel like someone could actually use that card for an interesting and/or fun purpose later, but it is banned here now for no reason when a basic plains would have done fine.
Good bans, especially another lab maniac effect which I think most of us hadn't seen yet. There's still a fair bit of targeted 1 cmc discard so the cabal therapy ban doesn't block that out yet. And Karakas only really has 2 main combos, the Leyline of Singularity one which I think we've seen and the weird Mangara of Corondor one which doesn't fizzle after bouncing because it doesn't technically target itself, which isn't great for 3CB.

On the topic of copying decks, as everyone else has said, go for it. In this and the previous threads, a lot of the fertile ground has been covered and once wasteland is gone, there's a couple of decks from those that'll be hard to beat with the main potential threat against them gone. Personally I like submitting decks I nor anyone else has submitted but that's more based on me having more fun with new ideas, with the side benefit of sometimes approaching from a different enough angle to work. I don't always do that, but I've got a couple set up for the next few rounds that seem fun and have potential, even if they're not super competitive.