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    "I see..." Rem quietly nods, bowing her head. "Thank you, for that knowledge. And yes, you are correct. I can feel a powerful, dormant energy. We will not use it frivolously."

    She bows again and excuses herself, expressing, "Thank you for your time today, Golden Lord. We will send a signal when we have discovered a way into Real Man Xiao's abode."

    With the conversation complete, Rem would go about with her task as promised -- visiting the communities of the Golden Lord to work her typical miens as a healer. It isn't just wounds and illness that she treats; she spends time with the downtrodden of emotion and soul as well, knowing that while she can't be their long-term counselor, hopefully she can provide a bit of guidance and inspiration where it may be lacking.

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    I'll spend that point of Influence as mentioned before doing this task!
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