To weigh in on the burkha question (though the PCs can answer however they wish, of course): I would think in general Judgement wouldn't care much, or would approve just as a practical disguise, mainly since Judgement and The Sword in general support Catholicism. Thus, they wouldn't much care about disrespect towards something Muslim as long as it wasn't something that spread selfishness in general. (Like, I reckon they'd be against anti-Muslim hate groups, but more due to the nature of hate groups than the anti-Muslim nature.) Lawrence at least thinks everyone should be Catholic, though he tolerates other Christians reasonably well and other faiths somewhat. I'm not 100% on Dominic's position, but I know he supports Catholicism and Christianity.
One of the main reasons Dominic tried Gabriel for heresy was her (then his) prophesying to Muhammad a religion that contradicted Christianity. (Kinda tangent: More particularly: Dominic, in hopes of finding evidence against Islam, compared the words of the Quran with the actual celestial words Yves had dictated to Gabriel as what to tell Muhammad. Dominic found some inconsistencies in Gabriel's translating it into a human tongue, and for that tried her for heresy.)

Of the Muslim Archangels, Khalid (Archangel of Faith) approves of modest dress for women and thus likely approves of burkhas. He does think angels should never have a female vessel, though, due to some verse of the Quran that could be read as saying angels are male. (That Gabriel choose a female vessel is a point of confusion for him.) So his opinion is kinda side-stepped by being a female statue. That said, he almost Fell recently, and most consider his over-traditional nature (which almost made him become habbalah) too harsh, so his opinion isn't super important.
The other Muslim Archangel... whose name I forget, the Cherub Archangel of Protection... I reckon she'd be okay with it, especially in the sense of not scaring humans. She wears a burkha at times when she's meeting with more traditional Muslim humans or angels, though she's fine with more modern dress.

So, all in all, most if not all would probably be fine with a burkha as a disguise. It seems a good and safe way to maintain the 'Veil'. And those who support Islam are generally good with traditional Islamic values, so dressing traditionally is likely a plus.

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