It's time for further zeld.

Zodi Plays: The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks [19] Ice and Embers

Video Length: 35:04

In this exciting video, we do the needful to make Mega Ice accessible, hauling an anouki all the way to the wellspring station. Because we don't want goo covered ice for... reasons I cannot understand. Then we get the Mega Ice ourselves so we can transport it to the Goron Village. Twenty units in total, and it'll start to melt once we're out of the Snow Realm. If we take any harsh turns to fast we'll lose some ice, as well as if it we take damage from enemies. This isn't, necessarily, a bad minigame sort of activity... where it not for the fact that in terms of side quests, this is like 80% of them. It's either this or transporting a person from one location to the other, and often times doing one is just something you have to do in order to do the other. It's a level of variety that is... bad, for game enjoyment I think.

Making matters worse, after we DO bring the Mega Ice to Goron Village... the Goron's are lazy and don't actually finish their job, leaving another poor Goron homeless until we can bring another batch of at least ten Mega Ice units. How cruel. We tell the man we'll do this, but that'll be for later; we have a Locomo to find.

We make our way over to the Fire Sanctuary through the Elder Goron's house, fighting off falling rocks and cool Fire Baba enemies, until we get to a puzzle that has no real clear way to solve it, solved only because my first guess was right. Then we meet Embrose, the next of the Lokomos... and his monstrous song. I realize it may no look like much, but as you can see from the video length it takes a while to finish his flute segment, and I get a LITTLE saucy about it. I do finally get it, and with that the path to the Fire Temple is opened. We'll deal with that next time!

I hope you all enjoyed. I'll see you on the next one~.