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    Between the forums being slow and today being particularly busy (work; kids' doctor visit), I think I'm going to skip Monday's post.
    EDIT: as I do enjoy this game more than some aspects of work, I went ahead and did a Monday post for those who had posted. I think all of UselessBob was conversation with another PC, so no response there; let me know if I missed something.
    EDIT 2: noticed two things I missed, so added to IC post. Including an answer to Manakel.

    However, I do have a riddle for you. This is a Prophecy spoken by Gabriel to Yves, when they discussed the changes in the city. I realized it makes sense to give the answer in the same post that it is announced (or, rather, give the answer to the most pertinent part of the interpretation), but I figured I'd go ahead and give y'all the enjoyment of trying to decipher it. I hope it's at least half-decent. I may purposefully ignore questions about the proper interpretation.

    A great change shall come when all the points of power manifest.
    Five new hopes or five new despairs.
    If Heaven triumphs, a healing unlike any ever known;
    if Hell, a fate unknown: a dark rebirth, a new Prince, or the fall of those who loved love.

    The humans will give clues to the ebb and flow.
    On the day of rest, seek what they report of import.
    Within those lines will lay the clues to the future.

    And, lo, dark Fire burns and strengthens the falling.
    It can be extinguished, or stolen, but I cannot see if Heaven has the might.
    Is there more to do with Fire than simply fight?

    At this point Gabriel 'snapped out of it' and started screaming about Belial, then ran off.
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