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Also the +5 on Black Ethergaunts is just absurd. They have 21 ECL with 15 HD and 17 CL. Dealing with Epic Spellcasting right out the gate but not able to have it for 4 more levels is a death sentence. At least +3/+4 you won't be an epic caster without epic casting.
While casting, and especially high level casting, is beyond my realm of expertise, Black Ethergaunts get a +20 to Int. That translates to a +9 or +10 to save DCs compared to a wizard. That's the kind of thing that redeems prestige classes with lost caster levels. Combined with all their other perks, the argument is that they are simply better than a level 20 wizard that has optimized for the same things as them, so no matter how inappropriate +4 LA may be in light of epic casting, +3 is even more inappropriate for the bounds of this thread.

While I'm not going to vote on these guys, I do think that going with the more conservative option is probably better, as they're already being compared to wizards, the gold standard of power ceilings.