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This is tough. Anything less than +3 white and +2 black is a terrible idea as they become essentially better wizards. As with the Red I WANT to go with my higher +4 and +3 which seem fair, but people are again throwing almost absurdly high LA at these things.

+3 white and +2 black. It is a little low but someone has to look at these objectively.

Also the +5 on Black Ethergaunts is just absurd. They have 21 ECL with 15 HD and 17 CL. Dealing with Epic Spellcasting right out the gate but not able to have it for 4 more levels is a death sentence. At least +3/+4 you won't be an epic caster without epic casting.
That's insulting, thank you for your opinion. I understand you have strong opinions about a game, but I am objective. You don't even have the creatures hit die right. I compared it to a wizard 3/ binder 1 /anima mage 10/ initiate of the sevenfold veil 7. The Anima mage had some better tricks I agree, but you have to weight that with heightening all spells 7 levels and 10 extra skill points per level. At +2 you are saying that my wizard 17 could ask for a +12 unnamed bonus to intelligence instead of a level and you'd say no that's too weak have immunity to arcane spells 6th level and lower except spells that you want the effects from.