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"Ship's Log, Stardate 48315.4. It has been nearly a month since the existence of the Dominion and it's Jem'Hadar were made clear to the Federation. The destruction of a Galaxy Class has left some members of my crew unsettled. So am I. At least, however, we are nowhere near that area.

We have picked up a signal from a probe we sent to survey a system labeled T-J253 listed on our star charts. The signal is an old Klingon transmission. Some kind of system status report. There is apparently a space station here. We will be dropping out of warp soon, with the station appearing on our starboard side. I am considering sending an away team to check out the station."

The Icarus drops out of warp, with a station of Klingon design appearing. The Klingon station seems to float in a way that generates unease. The sensor readings indicate that the station has low power, with partial life support in some sections. In one area without life support, a much stronger power signature has been picked up. It is also further into the station's core. Captain Sean glances over and motions slightly.

"Commander? Any thoughts? Does it look like we could assemble an away team and send them over?" He Asks
Looks like the structural integrity will hold up, the away team will need to transport over to the outer areas in space suits as sensors show no life support active in sections. After a short look at personnel records, Captain I have selected an away team to go investigate the station.
Tapping her com badge, Commander Daniels, Commander Gama, Chief V'Taar, Chief Frushnoll, report to transporter room 1 for an away mission.

Stepping off the bridge onto the lift and issue the command for it to go to transporter room 1, the trip was breif. stepping off the lift walking a short distance over to the transport technicians. We will be going over in suits make sure to compensate for that, and keep a lock on our badges just in case we need an emergency beam out.