"Commander Daniels, Commander Gama, Chief V'Taar, Chief Frushnoll, report to transporter room 1 for an away mission."
Monch responds with a grunt before nodding to one of the other engineers to take over monitoring the diagnostics he was watching. He starts heading for the transporter room, mumbling to himself as he goes.
"Oh yeah, sure. Let's just head on over to whatever it is we've found and bring along the chief engineer. What could go wrong. Not like anything on this hunk of junk needs work, no, just let me drop everything..."

To anyone familiar with Tellarite body language it would be clear that Monch is just grumbling out of habit and isn't frustrated at all. Of course, few are willing to spend enough time in their company to become familiar with Tellarite body language, even on a Federation vessel.