"Make haste, Redeemers. There is much that needs to be done." Once more, the Golden Lord turns to leave, moving away with heavy, echoing steps. Soon, he disappears from sight, though you can still hear him for some time. It's tough to say whether he is being deliberate, or this is just a result of his massive size, however. As he disappears, you find that the oppressive feeling you've had fades too, and you can breath a little more easily. God or no god, there is no denying his intense power and presence.

On your way back, Rem does take some time to go out of her way to visit what few camps are nearby. It's strange. Her schedule feels as though it should be utterly crushing and impossible to perform, yet somehow she has the stamina and time to fit it all into her days. She is approaching her limit, she feels, yet it is not really a matter of exhaustion. Rather, it is a simple awareness of the extent of her power.

Starislav too gets a similar feeling. It's a low awareness, nagging at the back of his mind. He could potentially do more yet. A particularly wyrmic part of him even seems to hunger for him to truly express the extent of his powers. Though it's an easy enough sensation to ignore for now, there is always potential to do more.

The cultists in the Golden Lords tents, in any case, seem glad for Rem's visits, though few are willing to open fully to her. Part of it seems to be an initial distrust that will surely be overcome in time, but another part seems to be the teachings of their deity. These people cling firmly to their faith, and to the idea of overcoming their limitations on their own. Though their ideals seem more shaky than those of the monks or the Golden Lord himself, they still seem to value them. But even so, her healing touch eases many of their little ills, and a foundation of cooperation is laid. As she leaves, the young goddess even spots a few smiles on these hardened faces.

The rest of the day passes fairly uneventfully, even as the Redeemers express great joy that the negotiations with the Golden Lord went well. Walking among them, there is an atmosphere of excitement mixed with a nervous energy. Even Ming and Po seem to be infected by it, both only able to comment on how quickly everything is moving along. The way your followers look at you betrays the great expectations they have, which have brought their morale to an all-time high.

There is something odd that you notice about their reports, however. Many of them tell about local families suddenly being burdened with long-unseen family members, most of which are rumored to have rather unsavory pasts. It's all happened very suddenly, and somehow you get the feeling that Starislav's anti-banditry measures may be the cause. After all, those bandits had to go somewhere. Something tells you it may be good to keep an eye on how well these ruffians will take regular work, and who will take them on.

Awakening refreshed on the next morning, you ready yourselves for the arrival of Perfected Woman Wen. As you recall, Magistrate Li will be preparing some of the prisoners you have taken at Big Feet Zu's hideout to be given to her as students. This handoff will take place on the plaza before the yamen, though it should not be too difficult to intercept the sorcerer's disciple at a prior point, or even to catch her while she's leaving. Whatever you decide on, this will be your only chance to meet her in a while.