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I am restarting my Rogue Trader game, and Im looking for a few inputs.
The group will get to own a planet rich on natural resources, but with an impending invasion.
Will they grab what they can and run, or will they defend their new planet..

1) Who is invading? I am looking for an invasion force that has been fortold (perhaps in eldar prophecies). It should feel like a force of nature, much like the tyranids; but some form of strategy that can be predicted would be fun for the players. Thirdly, I would like not to use the classical, well-known armies. Any good ideas?
Perhaps a combined force..

2) The planet will previously have been designated a fortress world, but construction has stopped. Does anyone have any good resources on fortress worlds? Maps, designs, or descriptions?

Perhaps more to come, as I panic to build a planet in a few days
You might look up information about the Siege of Vraks. Which was centered around a fortress that the Empire had to reconquer.
It was an important supply depo, and every generation improved on its fortifcations.
So did the construction actually stop? Or did the local governor get so currupt that he stole all the money from the construction budget for a few years? Less malicously, maybe the planet is waiting on main battery arrays to arrive, and they should be there any decade now.