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Since we didn't find any hazmat suits to protect us, someone would have to "take one for the team". Also, Radiation does spread out quickly. That door might be our only protection. If we open that door it could flood the rest of this bunker, which means we cannot use it to stay overnight. Also also, radiation can ruin our electronic loot.

I'm going to vote no on opening the door at present because there's very little upside to opening it right now. Maybe it can be open in the morning after we get our stuff outside to a safe distance.
We do have the supplies to remove like 200 rads. If the source is static that wouldn't be too bad. Radioactivity works sorta like the explosion rules. Its effect decrease by a factor of the square of the distance. 1, 4, 9, 16 etc. Distance is a good protection. We have several hours to kill before night! That is plenty of time to move everything and get it ready to leave early in the morning.

Hm. If the room is filled with radioactive dust that would turn the entire bunker into a hazard. That would be horrible. Everything would be radioactive and there would be no escaping it. So, imagining the worse makes me agree. I am fine with leaving it alone even if it is super tempting.

Any electronics in the room would be ruined. Rime doesn't care about electronics though. :P