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While true that distance is our greatest defense, we also have time on our side at the moment. We could wait until morning just in case someone gets sick/injured in the act of opening the door. Hmm, how much material blocks your detection spells?

Knowing nothing of what's behind the door is the tough part of this. My guess is the Bunker's power supply is behind that door since I did not recall seeing it anywhere else yet.

In the electronics defense, it's paying our bills. :3
None material. The spells don't work like that. Though, it only points to the closest source so a nearby one can interfere with other sources. It is a -1 to ignore a source. The only real way to block the Seek spells is through magic. They are all long-range as well so distance isn't much of an issue unless we are talking miles.

Yeah. If it is a static source that would be a lot better for us, but we can't really know without opening the box.

Rime's book collection is pretty small right now. She could probably use the caps to buy more common books. Still! A rare one isn't something money can really buy!