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That's my favorite material!

I was wondering what seek spells you have as a way to cast a certain one and see if it points you to the other side of the door. Just an idea...

Dr. Forrester: "Push the button, Frank."
Frank: "But I want my money back."
Dr. Forrester: "Pain, Frank. Push the button!"
Frank: "No, I want my money!"
Dr. Forrester: "The BOX, Frank."
Frank: "I'm pushing the button."

Sadly I don't think Doc found any books in this loot pile. Pre-wAr books would be very valuable!
Rime: "I prefer reading material."

Sure! I bought almost every single cheap magic item in the game! Which mostly just means Seek wands. Rime has: Seek Air, Seek Earth, Seek Fire, Seek Fuel, Seek Plant, Seek Plastic, Seek Power, Seek Radiation, Seek Water, Seeker.

Seeker is special and a failure to find an item means a week cooldown (for that item). Seeker can find any ponymade object (or person).

Rime: "I will never sell a book! They all go in my collection!"

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No books, no. But, hmm...

There were two technical manuals on robotics assembly included with one of the boxes of parts.
Alright! So, a very tech heavy book! That isn't bad! Rime could enjoy reading anything.