I hope to get today's (Friday's) post up shortly, but I probably will be skipping Monday as it's a work holiday (Martin Luther King Jr. Day). Today's been kinda crazy, though, and if the forum 503s me out, I might wind up making the post tomorrow.

Also, a note on pacing: in the In Nomine game I'm a player in, there was usually downtime at night and a time-skip, from around whenever the actions of the day finalized to the next morning.

This is helpful narratively. It doesn't exactly make sense, as angels don't need to sleep, but it does make sense in that angels generally operate amongst humans and thus would be active when humans are.
For that reason, I plan on most nights being downtime. You are welcome to have your angel stay awake and be working on things, but we'll glide over it.
"Night" here could easily start around midnight or early AM, depending on what activities are going on.

Also, some angels do enjoy sleeping. The book describes it as restful... but it also seems to say that angels (like humans) go to the Marches when asleep, but angels are aware of it? That doesn't seem restful. Maybe angels can really sleep if they want and be in a dream-haze instead of truly aware of the dreamscapes. I guess I'll go with that if any of you want to sleep.
(Aside: in the game I'm a player in, my angel PC is terrified of sleep since, due to his low ethereal forces, he is pathetically weak in a dreamscape. I think I stated in his background that he tried it once, really didn't like it, and hasn't slept since.)

If any objections or concerns about nighttime timeskip, please let me know.
Also, depending on how the story develops, we may do timeskips of some days. It's tricky keeping PCs on different tasks on a similar-ish time table, but I hope to manage having you all within 30 minutes or an hour of each other when you go separate ways. Do feel free to team up when it makes sense, as such makes things easier for y'all and a lot easier on the DM. But, as I stated during recruitment, this is a very much split-the-party game.