With the away team organized, the Icarus beams them over to the station.

The Klingon station is cold even with the space suits on. There are no lights active, and material (odds and ends, like blood wine cups, utensils, the odd pad with no power, pieces of bulkhead, powerless tools) float around, periodically bumping into the away team. An eerie light from the stars partially illuminate in through windows, revealing the room that the away team appeared in to be some kind of mess hall. Bits of old rotten food float slightly along with the material mentioned above.

A partially broken open door leads out into a corridor that seems to go 3 directions, forward, to the right, and to the left. Something appears to be floating behind the door, but can't be made out from where the away team is standing at the other end of the room, plus the light from the windows don't go in far enough to light up behind the door.