An actual PC-intended race! Lo and behold!

Feytouched are fey with 1 RHD (which can be swapped out for a class level). They receive +2 dexterity, +2 charisma, and -2 constitution, immunity to mind-affecting effects, and the ability to cast Charm person 1/day.

Compared to most +1 LA races, this seems slightly underwhelming, to the point where only niche builds that desperately want a fey typing would even bother with the race (and even then; duskling and killoren are probably better options). However, at +0 LA the net +2 to abilities, free level 1 spell, and blanket immunity to a common attack form seem overwhelming. -2 constitution stings, but doesn't quite balance out all this (or does it?)

For now I'll assign +1 here, but I recommend allowing LA buyoff. +0 might be more reasonable in a campaign without buyoff, but I'm not sure.