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Thread: [Masks] San Fransapporo: After Dark

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    Ronin, Hannya: An End

    There's more silence on the line before the armed guard forcefully yanks the poor negotiator back in. Not that it matters, you've hacked their walkie talkies so it was a meaningless display. You can't tell where the direction for that action is coming from however, either the security cameras not giving you a clear sight or something else going on. Hannya remains motionless throughout. "That's better." he finally returns, motioning for the solider to toss their captive back into the huddle. "To answer your question, just stay out of our way. Go home, leave this to us and we'll be right as rain. We won't be much longer. The Guardians won't do anything until we leave our friends here and White Sparrow has agreed to come with us until we've fled to our base of operations. I trust you will do the same. You've proven yourself untrustworthy however Ronin. A trait you learned from your Grandfather no doubt. I don't play games with liars."

    Hannya turns, motioning to the remaining guards who quickly spread out. It's just Hannya, Sparrow and the hostages in the main room now.

    "I hope this is the last time we'll speak Ronin. We will have to take down your barrier, as a parting favor we won't start firing on the civilians down below. I can't say much the same for your friends if they get brave." Another hand motion, a number of shots once more ringing out from the building as powerful blasts ripple over the shield covering the building. You could reinforce it Sunburst but it's not likely they're going to relent on this.

    "Our comms are compromised, Black Earth Protocol. Stick to the Elementals. Take out cameras or other devices, Ronin and the other Oni masked one are dangerously tech savvy."

    A screech flies over your comm as you see the mercenaries and Hannya start destroying their comms. Your video feed is next though in a slower progression.

    An update to your mission
    - Minimize casualties and wounded: Cleared, the wounded below are fine and the wounded inside are healed up.
    - Get the hostages out: Ongoing
    - Collateral is going to make matters worse, if not just totally blow the operation.
    - Capture the villains, or at least incapacitate them for someone else to capture them.
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